PositiveParcel to advance employee wellbeing & mental health

By Helen Adams
Ex-Liverpool goalkeeper, Chris Kirkland and entrepreneur Jack Knowles are supporting employee wellbeing & mental health with PositiveParcel

Chris Kirkland, ex-Liverpool goalkeeper, and Jack Knowles, an award-winning entrepreneur, have launched PositiveParcel to bring support to employees whose wellbeing is being challenged from working from home.

The parcel contains treats for businesses to show employees that they are valued and which will help to encourage self-care and encourage discussion around mental health and wellbeing.


Teaming up for employee wellbeing

For those employees struggling with the new hybrid model of working from home, in addition to the impact of the pandemic, daily stress and anxiety among employees is increasing. 

Over 2021, more than 15mn days were lost to workplace stress, as employees felt unable to cope.

Kirkland and Knowles have teamed up with the PositiveParcel, which offers: “A hug in a box, to someone you care about”. 

The employee parcel offers:

  • Self-care treats
  • Use of the Headspace app 
  • A Positive Planner, to help employees record their feelings 

The Planner offers: “Daily intentions and reflections, a mood checker and a gratitude section and lots of useful tools to enhance positivity and manage wellbeing.”

Furthermore, employers can tailor the design of boxes to create a truly uplifting gift for employees as they carry on working from home.


Prioritising employee mental health

Chris Kirkland, ex-Liverpool goalkeeper and co-founder of PositiveParcel, has been open about his mental health struggles in the past and he is excited to see the impact of PositiveParcel.

“Jack and I launched PositiveParcel to give the UK public a simple and thoughtful solution to let someone they care about know they are thinking of them”, said Chris Kirkland. “Businesses need to prioritise their employee’s mental health more than ever as millions struggle at home often feeling undervalued and even forgotten. I have always been very open about my struggles with mental health and it so important to share, talk and spread some positivity especially at this time of the year.”

The company will also donate a portion of the profits from every parcel, to the NHS.



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