Top 10 Countries with the Most COVID-19 Vaccinations

By Jack Goddard
Our rundown of the countries who have administered the most COVID-19 vaccines so far

More than 2 billion COVID-19 vaccines have now been given out across the world, although some countries are faring much better at rolling out their jabs than others.

Here, we take a look at the countries that have been the first and fastest to launch their vaccination efforts, based on the number of vaccinations given so far.


10. Mexico


As of June 22, Mexico has doled out more than 40 million vaccines, enough for it to squeeze into the top 10. However, this figure is a misrepresentation of their chances of achieving herd immunity any time soon; they’ve only administered around 32 vaccinations per 100 people, the second-lowest such statistic on this list. Mexico has suffered more than 230 thousand deaths due to COVID so far, the fourth-highest total in the world.


9. Turkey


Turkey has recorded more than five million COVID-19 cases so far, which may explain its surprise inclusion in this list (it is the only Eastern European or Western Asian country to feature.) It has vaccinated more than 44 million people so far, more than 52 per 100 people of its population of 82 million.


8. Italy


Italy was Europe’s first-hit country by COVID, and it is currently the continent’s third-worst hit in terms of deaths, after Russia and the UK; it has so far counted over 127 thousand, along with more than 4.2 million cases. The Southern European country has countered this with more than 47 million vaccines so far, resulting in over 27% of Italy being fully vaccinated.


7. France


France has registered more cases than anywhere else in Europe, with almost six million positive tests. In response it has given out around 50 million jabs, with more than quarter of the 67 million population now fully vaccinated.


6. Germany


Germany rounds off the trio of EU countries on this list, signaling Europe’s strong response after falling behind in vaccination programmes at the beginning of 2021. It has by far the strongest rollout of any EU country, with over 68 million jabs administered up to now. More than 81 shots have now been doled out per 100 people, the third-highest such figure in the top 10.


5. United Kingdom


The UK is the only country in the top 10 to have vaccinated more than 100 people per 100 people, sitting at almost 110 (not a typo - this is possible due to the number of second doses that have been given already.) In fact, the UK is the biggest country in the world to have jabbed such a high percentage of people, while its overseas territory of Gibraltar has given the most doses per person - 231 per 100 people (this basically means every adult that wants to be vaccinated has been.) The UK has currently given out over 74 million doses, with more than 47% of the country now fully vaccinated.


4. Brazil


Brazil has had the third-most COVID-19 cases in the world, with over 18 million - more than three times as many as France, who sit fourth on that particular list. The South American country has suffered more than most already, while it's currently recording more daily COVID deaths than anywhere else (more than 2,000 at the time of writing). It has administered more than 90 million doses so far, although this is just 42 jabs per 100 people for its population of 213 million.


3. India


India recently administered 8.5 million doses in a single day, as it began a new vaccination phase to immunise the country faster. To put the task at hand in perspective, 8.5 million people (the entire population of Switzerland) is just 0.63% of the Indian population. The South Asian country has dished out more than 290 million jabs so far, with just 3.8% of its people (more than 50 million) fully vaccinated.


2. United States of America


Officially, the USA has suffered the largest number of COVID deaths (more than 600 thousand) and the highest amount of cases (over 33.5 million). However, its vaccination effort, fuelled by the Johnson & Johnson vaccine (which only requires one dose) has been more impressive, and has meant that 150 million Americans are now fully vaccinated. More than 319 million jabs have been doled out in total.


1. China


China dwarfs the other countries on this list, having administered more than 1 billion vaccines so far. It appears to be dishing out an astonishing 20 million jabs a day in its juggernaut of a vaccination effort. However, the size of the East Asian country means that just 223 million people, or 16% of the population, are fully vaccinated.


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