Ingenovis Health stems healthcare provider attrition

Ingenovis Health is fighting back against attrition with initiatives to support healthcare professionals’ mental health and careers

Healthcare professionals’ mental health has been devastated by COVID-19. Many are leaving the sector altogether, putting the population at risk of a future health crisis.

Yet, one organization has become an advocate for healthcare professionals and a voice for nurses: Ingenovis Health.

Bart Valdez, CEO at Ingenovis Health, has worked in a number of healthcare and human capital companies and is proud that the company assists healthcare professionals as they advance in their careers. 

Denise Triba has been in Human Resources for over 25 years, between healthcare and high technology companies. At Ingenovis Health, she knows healthcare professionals come to work to make a difference through being able to serve others and her role in HR helps them do this.

Ingenovis Health is transforming healthcare by engaging with healthcare professionals, making them feel heard and helping them understand that their mental health needs are valid. 


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