Secure digital ID verifying Covid vaccine status to launch

By Leila Hawkins
Self sovereign ID platform along with an ecosystem of partners aim to help people in North America return to public life...

A group of North American companies have formed a consortium to enable easy verification of people's Covid status at a variety of public places. 

KABN North America is a fintech company that has created a proprietary, blockchain and biometrically-based digital identity verification platform called Liquid Avatar. The company has now joined forces with Lumedic Exchange, a digital healthcare platform, Loop Insights, who specialise in automatic contact tracing, The Campus Agency, a marketing firm that works with over 2,000 US colleges and universities; and TripXpertz, an organisation that works with over 1,000 travel and tourism boards, airlines and resorts. 

This partnership will enable qualified health professionals to issue a verifiable credential confirming the individual's health status so that venues and other facilities can grant them access or services.  

Liquid Avatar is a self sovereign identity (SSI) platform, where only the user has control over all their digital assets including wallets, passwords and identity. The platform has biometric validation for users to verify their identity and access credentials in a cloud-based, biometrically-secure application. 

Users can choose to share their data through easy-to-use avatars. When a request is made by a verifier, the user can choose what they wish to share, creating a private verification transaction between themselves and the verifier. The system uses a Trust over IP (TOIP) open standards framework, and can power credentials across a variety of digital wallets and applications. 

The aim is for this platform to enable people to safely access educational institutions, workplaces, trade shows, healthcare settings, sporting events, entertainment, travel, and places of worship among others.

The launch of this healthcare credential pilot is expected to take place in the first quarter of 2021 to coincide with the release of the Covid-19 vaccination program in North America. Eventually, the program will also support other types of vaccine, along with healthcare records.  

“We want to empower users to return to public life and the things they once did freely, pre-Covid-19, with ease and continued safety, with this and future credentials” said David Lucatch, CEO of KABN. 

“Our goal is to help get everyone back to life as efficiently and effectively as possible, so a sense of “normality” can be reestablished. Liquid Avatar and the ecosystem, together with this amazing group and a growing list of partners, will potentially enable businesses, schools, entertainment venues, and more do the normal things that they do and give users the power to engage with them as they did before the pandemic changed our lives.”


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