EIR Healthcare appoints Greg Sloditskie as its modular construction lead

By Catherine Sturman
Both the construction and the healthcare industry have not had a lot in common, unless the construction industry is undertaking the project concerning t...

Both the construction and the healthcare industry have not had a lot in common, unless the construction industry is undertaking the project concerning the build or redevelopment of acute settings – until now.

EIR Healthcare works to bring efficient, industrial practices into the healthcare sector has seen the company develop its flagship product, MedModular, a factory-made "hospital room in a box." The pre-fabricated product has been created based upon recognised industry best practices and delivered on-site. 

However, the company aims to merge both aspects of healthcare and construction with the appointment of Greg Sloditskie as its first modular construction expert. With ambitions to deliver “The Hospital of the Future,” Sloditskie will join EIR Healthcare’s engineering team, and will work to enforce regular communication and positive relationships with architects, code enforcement agencies, construction companies and real estate developers.

Sloditskie has worked within the construction industry for over 30 years and brings extensive knowledge and experience to further develop EIR Healthcare’s service delivery and integration of quality solutions to guarantee exceptional patient care.  

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With a focus on bringing innovative solutions to the healthcare market, EIR Healthcare works to improves quality of care in facilities, allowing for the redistribution of funds from construction to human capital, new research, and other core functions. From community centre to urban centres, from acute care to managed care, its MedModular's patented approach answers the cost constraints healthcare is facing around the world.

In this new role, Sloditskie will enable the streamlining of existing partners within the production process to deliver EIR Healthcare’s vision for hospitals to be built through modular construction methods.

"EIR Healthcare is introducing an entirely new method of design and construction to the healthcare industry – my job will be ensuring we're clearly articulating to and managing all of the moving parts, like construction and architecture partners," he says. "I'm excited to bring in something brand new to this industry to solve a real-world problem – the slow-going process of building hospitals."

"Greg has an immense amount of experience in the relatively new sector of modular construction, which makes him absolutely essential at this juncture in EIR's life cycle," said Grant Geiger, Founder and CEO, EIR Healthcare. "I'm incredibly excited to have him on the team, and I am sure our architecture, construction and real estate partners will be too."


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