Top 10: World's Most Sustainable Hospitals

Top 10: World's most sustainable hospitals.
Top 10 sustainable hospitals include Heidelberg University Hospital, Gundersen Health System, Kaiser Permanente, Western Health & Vancouver Coastal Health

Sustainability has become a crucial focus for hospitals, driven by environmental concerns, regulatory requirements and the potential for cost savings. 

Leading healthcare organisations are implementing a raft of sustainability initiatives to reduce their environmental footprint and align with international guidance, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the WHO's Global Green and Healthy Hospitals initiative.

Notable examples include Gundersen Health System in the US, which has achieved energy independence through renewable energy sources and energy efficiency measures. 

Compliance with regulations – such as the EU Energy Efficiency Directive and the UK's Climate Change Act – is also driving hospitals to adopt energy-efficient technologies, monitor and report on carbon emissions, and develop decarbonisation plans. 

Kaiser Permanente leading way on sustainable healthcare

Kaiser Permanente in the US has set targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, diverting waste from landfills, and promoting sustainable food practices. In the UK, the NHS has adopted the Plastics Pledge, aiming to reduce single-use plastics across its facilities.

Hospitals are also implementing green building practices, with projects like the LEED-certified Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas, and the energy-efficient design of the Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden. 

Water conservation, sustainable procurement, and environmentally friendly transportation initiatives are among other strategies healthcare providers employ to meet sustainability goals.

Partnerships with organisations like Health Care Without Harm and the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network provide guidance and resources for hospitals to integrate sustainability into their operations.

As public awareness of environmental issues grows, hospitals are recognising the importance of sustainable practices, not only for cost savings and regulatory compliance but also for their reputation and their commitment to promoting public health and well-being.

The following are 10 hospitals who are noted for their pioneering and innovative approach to providing sustainable healthcare  

10 Anadolu Medical Center

Country: Turkey
Sustainability headline: Received LEED Gold certification for its sustainable design focused on energy, water, and waste management.
Anadolu Medical Center is a multi-specialty hospital based in Istanbul. Established in 2005 it has 200 beds and 650 physicians and focuses on oncology, cardiology, and organ transplantation. 

The centre runs energy efficiency, waste management and recycling initiatives. It is recognised for its advanced medical technology, international accreditations, and patient-centric approach to healthcare delivery.


09 Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

Country: Taiwan
Sustainability headline: Utilises green building design, solar power, energy-efficient equipment, and environmentally preferred purchasing.
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital was founded in 1976 in Taoyuan, Taiwan. It has 10,000 beds across multiple campuses, and specialises in organ transplants, cancer treatment and biomedical research. 

The hospital is in the vanguard of healthcare energy conservation, waste reduction and eco-friendly construction measures. 

08 Singapore General Hospital

Country: Singapore
Sustainability headline: One of the earliest hospitals in Singapore to adopt sustainable practices like energy audits, recycling, and green procurement policies.
Singapore General Hospital is a major public hospital established in 1821. With 1,700 beds and 4,000 healthcare professionals, it has a wide range of specialties, including oncology, cardiology, and transplantation. The hospital has implemented energy efficient technologies, water conservation measures, and waste management initiatives to reduce its environmental impact and achieve sustainability goals. 

07 University Health Network

Country: Canada
Sustainability headline: A leader in green healthcare building design, energy co-generation, and comprehensive sustainability reporting.

UHN is a renowned academic healthcare institution based in Toronto, Canada. It is recognised for its pioneering medical research, innovative treatments, and commitment to delivering high-quality patient care through its hospitals and academic partnerships.

Established in the late 1990s, it comprises several hospitals and research facilities, and has 1,200 beds. It runs energy efficiency initiatives, waste reduction programs and follows green construction practices. 


06 Barts Health NHS Trust

Country: UK
Sustainability headline: Has cut emissions by 27% since 2015 through LED lighting, better waste management and energy efficiency initiatives.

Barts Health NHS Trust: Key Facts
  • The trust has implemented energy conservation measures, waste reduction initiatives, and sustainable procurement practices to minimise its environmental impact and meet sustainability targets.
  • Barts is a prominent healthcare provider in East London, England. It was formed in 2012 through the merger of several NHS trusts, but Barts Hospital began life as the Priory of St Bartholomew in 1123.
  • With over 15,000 staff across multiple hospitals, it offers a wide range of medical services, including cancer treatment, cardiac care, and trauma management.
  • Barts Health is recognised for its pioneering medical research and specialist healthcare services.

05 Vancouver Coastal Health

Country: Canada
Sustainability headline: Aims for complete carbon neutrality by 2030 through energy retrofits, greener transportation, and sustainable procurement practices.
VCH is a regional healthcare provider based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Formed in 2001, it operates several hospitals and facilities, and employs 13,500 staff. Its areas of focus include mental health, home care, and community-based services. 

VCH runs energy efficiency programs, waste reduction initiatives and sustainable transportation measures. It is known for its community-based healthcare delivery.

04 Western Health

Country: Australia
Sustainability headline: Implements holistic environmental management programs across energy, water, waste, procurement, and building design.
Western Health is a public healthcare service in Melbourne's western suburbs. Established in the late 1990s, it comprises several hospitals and community health centres, and employs over 6,000 staff. Its specialties include acute care, rehabilitation, and aged care services. Western Health has implemented energy efficiency measures, waste management programs and water conservation initiatives. It is noted for its accessible, community-based healthcare to the region's diverse population and its commitment to medical research and education.

03 Kaiser Permanente

Country: US
Sustainability headline: Has committed to being carbon neutral by 2020 across its 39 hospitals and hundreds of other facilities through energy efficiency, renewable power, and sustainable food programs.

Kaiser Permanente is an integrated managed care consortium based in Oakland, California.

Founded in 1945, it is comprised of 39 hospitals and 700 medical offices across eight states, it serves 12 million members, and its specialties cover cancer care, organ transplantation and women's health services. Kaiser Permanente has implemented initiatives such as renewable energy usage, waste reduction and green building practices to meet its sustainability goals. 

It is known for its emphasis on preventive medicine, innovative care delivery models and a commitment to affordable, high-quality patient care through an integrated system.

02 Gundersen Health System

Country: USA
Sustainability headline: Became energy independent in 2014 through renewable energy sources like wind, waste management, and conservation efforts.
Gundersen Health System is a regional healthcare provider founded in 1959, and based in La Crosse, Wisconsin. With over 8,000 employees, it operates several hospitals and clinics, which offer a wide range of medical services, including cancer treatment, cardiology, and paediatric care. It is a leader in energy independence, innovative approaches to healthcare delivery, and in providing high-quality, community-based care.

Gundersen has implemented sustainability initiatives including renewable energy usage, waste reduction programs, and sustainable food sourcing to achieve its environmental sustainability goals. 

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01 Heidelberg University Hospital

Country: Germany
Sustainability headline: One of the largest hospitals in Europe working towards carbon neutrality, with extensive recycling, green building design, and staff engagement programs.

Heidelberg University Hospital is a renowned academic medical centre based in Heidelberg, Germany. Its origins can be traced back to the 16th century. Today, it employs over 13,000 staff and its medical specialties include oncology, transplantation and neurosciences. 

Its energy efficiency measures include waste management initiatives, and sustainable construction practices. 

Heidelberg University Hospital is recognised for its cutting-edge medical research, advanced treatment options, and strong focus on medical education and training through its affiliation with Heidelberg University.


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