Great Ormond Street Hospital, London joins forces with Hyland Healthcare

By Catherine Sturman
London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) has recently announced its decision to partner with Hyland Healthcare as part of its digital transformati...

London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) has recently announced its decision to partner with Hyland Healthcare as part of its digital transformation.

Hyland is set to provide new software solutions to support the management of processes, content and cases across the hospital’s complex digital systems, in order to deliver exceptional solutions across its clinical application information. The company has been named one of Fortune's Best Companies to Work For since 2014.

Its software, OnBase, is set to fully integrate with the hospital’s existing digital tools and EPR vendor, Epic, to further enable the delivery and management of patient-led care and clinical application information.

The integration will also apply to the hospital’s Haiku and Canto mobile modules, to enable medical professionals and authorised users to access and store patient data anytime, anywhere through the use of cloud technology.

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Additionally, clinicians will gain the ability to take photos and videos, fill out electronic forms, capture digital signatures and complete deficiencies from a tablet or laptop in any location, all of which immediately associate with the appropriate patient record in Epic. This provides clinicians access to the most current and relevant clinical information, helping them respond with the most complete picture of every patient.

"Working with Hyland will be a game-changer. The OnBase Patient Window allows us to create a truly functioning archive with a seamless narrative of imaging to guide and optimise patient care," explained Dr. Shankar Sridharan, Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist and Chief Clinical Information Officer at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

GOSH's Hyland Healthcare solution is scheduled to launch in April 2019 alongside its Epic deployment.

"We value empowering healthcare providers with the tools and information they need to best serve patients and achieve the organization's full potential," said Susan DeCathelineau, Vice President of Global Healthcare Sales and Services at Hyland.

"Great Ormond Street Hospital's new solutions, combined with their existing technology suite, creates a technology platform ready for the modern healthcare landscape."


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