TOP 5: Best Hospitals for Obstetrics in the United States

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Each year, names the top hospitals in the country for obstetrics. Whether in a big city or a small town, some of these facilities...

Each year, names the top hospitals in the country for obstetrics.

Whether in a big city or a small town, some of these facilities go above and beyond when it comes to making sure both mother and baby have a positive and healthy experience when all is said and done.

And let's face it, as the following article shows, when it comes to considerations about where you deliver your baby, it's women's opinions that matter most.

Here are the top five hospitals for babies in the U.S., and what your hospital might learn from them.

5. Hill Country Memorial Hospital (Fredericksburg, Texas)

At Hill Country Memorial Hospital, there is a separate area for women in labor. Women don't have to be wheeled past terminal patients in order to give birth to their newborn. They have plenty of private delivery rooms, so those who want that never have to give up that privilege. In addition, this hospital offers sleeping quarters for loved ones who don't want to leave the hospital.

Lesson learned: Hospitals would do well to consider the needs of the immediate family as well as the new mother.

4. Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island (Providence, Rhode Island)

At Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island, expectant mothers can enjoy aromatherapy, whirlpool baths and access to their alternative holistic birthing center. Women flock to this hospital when it's time to give birth.

Lesson learned: Women are embracing the holistic lifestyle in all areas including when it comes to birthing and infant care. When hospitals attend to those needs, women will take notice.

3. Catawba Valley Medical Center (Hickory, North Carolina)

For a small town of just over 40,000, Hickory is awfully proud of its medical center. Receiving its second consecutive designation as one of the country's top 100 hospitals for delivering babies is quite an accolade. As a not-for-profit hospital that receives no taxes from the state, Catawba Valley Medical Center is making a name for itself.

Lesson learned: Among the reasons for success is excellent patient experience. Considering that their competition is far away, hospitals would do well to learn that giving good service is always important, even in a non-competitive environment.

2. Baptist Medical Center (Jacksonville Beach, Florida)

What makes Baptist Medical Center unique is their determined focus on women's needs. They consistently rank in the top 100 for being recommended by women for having a baby. Women obviously appreciate the sensitivity shown by Baptist Medical Center to female's unique concerns surrounding womanhood and motherhood.

Lesson learned: Gender specific treatment is desired and appreciated. When hospital staff members recognize differences in emotional and physical needs, patients respond positively.

1. Athens Regional Medical Center (Athens, Georgia)

With more than 250 medical professionals and more than 2,800 employees, Athens Regional Medical Center is well equipped to handle a large number of patients. Women love it because of its consistent excellent patient experience. If you can please a woman in labor, you can please anyone.

Lesson learned: Patient experience ranks right up there in importance next to wait times, outcomes, cleanliness and efficiency. Bedside manner counts.

About the author: Kate Supino writes extensively about best business practices.


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