AbbVie, Novo Nordisk and Takeda: profiling the most reputable pharmaceutical companies

By Ben Mouncer
A recent survey from research firm Reputation Institute revealed the pharmaceutical companies with the best reputation among consumers. The study threw...

A recent survey from research firm Reputation Institute revealed the pharmaceutical companies with the best reputation among consumers.

The study threw up some surprises, with big names such as Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline not making the top ten.

Here we profile the leading three companies from the 2017 Global Pharmaceutical RepTrak Study:

AbbVie – 74.5 RepTrak points

AbbVie was founded at the beginning of 2013 after Abbott decided to split its company in two, with one area focussing on research-based pharmaceuticals (AbbVie) and the other on medical devices, drugs and consumer products.

Since then, the Chicago-based firm has grown rapidly, generating over $25bn in revenue in 2016 alone. 

The company’s products can be found in over 170 countries worldwide. They treat millions of patients with over 28,000 employees.

Their position at the top of the ratings represents a vast improvement from the 2016 study when they ranked 10th and 5.3 points lower.

Novo Nordisk – 74.0

Danish group Novo Nordisk formed 90 years ago as two smaller companies, Nordisk Insulinlaboratorium and Novo Terapeutisk Laboratorium. 

Two Canadian scientists – Charles Best and Frederick Banting – had recently started to use insulin as medication, and Nordisk and Novo began the production of the new drug.

Both companies specialised in diabetes treatments and they merged in 1989, with Novo Nordisk, according to their site, becoming leaders in ‘diabetes care, haemophilia care, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy’. 

Takeda Pharmaceutical – 73.8

Takeda is the largest pharmaceutical company in Asia, working out of its headquarters in Osaka, Japan.

Its roots formed as long ago as the 18th century when Chobei Takeda I sold traditional Asian medicines in Doshomachi, the medicine district of Osaka.

Takeda started their first pharmaceutical business in 1895, with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company established in 1915.

They now have research and development sites in eight different countries worldwide, with their business also encompassing manufacturing, sales and marketing and the import and export of drugs.


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