Hikma Pharmaceuticals expands its licensing agreement with Takeda

By Catherine Sturman
Developing, manufacturing and marketing a broad range of branded and non-branded generic and in-licensed products, Hikma Pharmaceuticals has reached an...

Developing, manufacturing and marketing a broad range of branded and non-branded generic and in-licensed products, Hikma Pharmaceuticals has reached an agreement with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited to add new products to its portfolio in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

With a group revenue of $895 million, up 1% in H1 2017, Hikma will obtain the right to register, manufacture, market, distribute and sell four of Takeda's leading primary care products in 17 markets in the MENA region. Takeda is currently present in over 70 countries, with 30k employees globally.

Multinational group Hikma will gain exclusive rights to manufacture and commercialise three of Takeda's leading primary care product families - Alogliptin, including Alogliptin/Metformin, Alogliptin/Pioglitazone (anti-diabetic), Azilsartan, including Azilsartan/Chlorothalidone (anti-hypertensive) and Lornoxicam in its rapid form (anti-inflammatory/ pain) - in its MENA markets. However, the agreement will not include the Egyptian market for Alogloptin. 

Hikma also has exclusive rights to manufacture and commercialise Takeda's Dexlansoprozole in its MENA markets, with the exception of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt. Hikma's existing license agreement with Takeda in respect of Lornoxicam tablets (anti-inflammatory/ pain), has been expanded beyond Saudi Arabia and Jordan to cover Hikma's other MENA markets.

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Mazen Darwazah, Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of MENA and Emerging Markets said, "Our large sales and marketing teams, with particular expertise in promoting cardiovascular and diabetes treatments, are well positioned to drive strong demand for Takeda's products.  

By working with global partners, we are strengthening our product portfolio in growing therapeutic areas and reinforcing our commitment to improving patient access to quality medicines."

Danilo Cassani, Takeda's Vice President and Area Head Near East, Middle East & Africa said, "At Takeda, we put patients at the centre of everything we do. As such, our partnership with Hikma is a testament of our commitment to offer patients world-class cardiovascular and metabolism (CVM) medicines while keeping focus on our core therapeutic areas of oncology and gastroenterology. This will help better serve the unmet medical needs of patients."

Hikma's operations are conducted through three businesses: "Branded", "Injectables" and "Generics", based primarily in the Middle East and North Africa ("MENA") region, where it is a market leader, the United States and Europe. Hikma currently employs over 8,500 staff members worldwide.


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