Acer set to unveil cloud-based remote healthcare solutions at CES

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Taiwan-based PC manufacturer Acer is set to unveil a large range of cloud-based healthcare solutions behind its Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC) partners at...

Taiwan-based PC manufacturer Acer is set to unveil a large range of cloud-based healthcare solutions behind its Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC) partners at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

At the annual show in Las Vegas, Acer intends to showcase its complete healthcare solutions, which are expected to integrate software and hardware elements. In addition, the company displayed solutions based upon the Acer Open Platform (AOP) with its hardware partners, as application cover everything from health monitoring to remote diagnostics.

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“Healthcare has always been a focus of BYOC development,” said BYOC president Maverick Shih. “We expect that long-term healthcare will be a key area in the development of healthcare technology.”

The solutions set to be demonstrated include health monitoring and remote diagnostics. With health monitoring, patients can measure their vital signs or home air quality daily through blood pressure and air quality monitors. This data can be continuously recorded and uploaded to a management platform through the AOP for medical professionals to analyze.

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Meanwhile, remote diagnostics are for those who don’t require intensive medical attention, but still need to be monitored for extended periods. This allows them to interact with medical professionals through smart devices or interactive telepresence equipment for remote diagnostic purposes. Here, vital signs such as blood pressure and blood sugar can be uploaded to a management platform through AOP for recording and analysis.

Acer is working alongside partners in the healthcare sector for the BYOC showcase, which include medical device manufacturer Omron Corp and indoor air quality monitoring device producer CoAsia Microelectronics Corp.

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