Babylon Health partners with tech giant Samsung

By Catherine Sturman
Korean technology behemoth Samsung has partnered with digital health provider Babylon to launch ‘Ask an Expert, powered by Babylon.’ Through this...

Korean technology behemoth Samsung has partnered with digital health provider Babylon to launch ‘Ask an Expert, powered by Babylon.’

Through this collaboration, Samsung will gain the ability to offer live video doctor appointments with a medical professional at all times through a pioneering system. Users will also be able to check symptoms and book live video doctor appointments to gain essential medical advice, as well as manage and order prescriptions.

Available for Samsung users through the smartphone Samsung Health app, the development further signals a move for healthcare providers to develop digital solutions which are patient-centered, working around consumers busy lifestyles and demand for convenience, rather than wait to see a medical professional through traditional healthcare processes.

The service will give greater control to patients who wish to check up on their health needs seamlessly within their everyday lives. Users can also check their symptoms and receive high-quality triage information about physical health, common ailments and symptoms straight to their device, according to a recent press release.

“This technology can take more of the strain and ensure the best information and insight is available ahead of consultations which will then relieve some of the pressure on hard-pressed clinicians,” commented Dame Barbara Hakin, Former GP and National Director in NHS England.

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The system draws on 500 million streams of knowledge to provide near-instant health information, meaning ‘Ask an Expert, powered by Babylon’ offers a readily-available source of advice at your fingertips.

“Samsung’s vision for empowering individuals and transforming healthcare, partnered with the company’s illustrious history of technological innovation, constant focus on customer satisfaction and truly global reach makes it a perfect fit with our values and mission,” noted Dr Ali Parsa, Babylon’s Founder & CEO:

“It’s very exciting to know that millions of Samsung users will soon be able to better manage their health using Babylon’s services as we deliver personal health assessments and treatment advice via their Samsung Galaxy devices.”  

However, the use of the app will come at a cost for consumers. Full membership with access to unlimited appointments will cost users £50/€50 per year, or solely £25/€25 for a one-off appointment.

The symptom checker is also intended for informational purposes and should not be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Babylon is set to take its services worldwide. Its recent partnership with China’s messaging provider, WeChat, will also help the company further its ambitions, unlock opportunities and gain increased traction within the healthcare market.


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