DuoFertility: An innovative new infertility solution

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In vitro fertilisation, or IVF as it is more often known, is one of the major treatments against infertility. Describing a process in which a fertilise...

In vitro fertilisation, or IVF as it is more often known, is one of the major treatments against infertility. Describing a process in which a fertilised egg is placed into a woman’s womb, IVF is usually expensive and the chances of success are slim. IVF is quite an invasive treatment and although it can lead to pregnancy, a natural conception is what most couples crave.

DuoFertility is a revolutionary new fertility monitor that is designed to avoid the use of invasive procedures like IVF. Dr. Oriane Chausiaux, the Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Cambridge Temperature Concepts (CTC), says DuoFertility offers an “unrivalled level of convenience, accuracy and support” to couples who experience difficulty in conceiving.

CTC, formed by a group of scientists from Cambridge University, is responsible for the development of DuoFertility. It works by monitoring a woman’s basal temperature to identify her most fertile days and therefore offers couples the best chance of conceiving. The tiny sensor is worn in a stick-on patch under the arm and detects temperature changes in women that are related to ovulation. 

“DuoFertility combines unsurpassed accuracy with unbeatable convenience,” says Chausiaux. Unlike other ovulation detection products, “DuoFertility simply monitors a woman’s body temperature continuously whatever she does and wherever she goes.” The collected data is then transmitted wirelessly from the sensor to the DuoFertility reader and then downloaded to the DuoFertility Fertility centre in Cambridge, UK for analysis.

“DuoFertility takes 20,000 times more data than conventional fertility monitors,” according to Chausiaux and it identifies a woman’s most fertile days with an accuracy of up to 99 percent. “In a study of 99 patients who qualified for IVF treatment, six months of using DuoFertility was shown to be as effective as one cycle of IVF,” explains Chausiaux.

DuoFertility is also much more affordable that IVF. Priced at £495, it is one tenth of the cost of a typical cycle of IVF. The DuoFertility team are so confident the device will help couples to fall pregnant they are offering a refund if pregnancy is not achieved after using the product for a year.

Chausiaux concludes by saying: “So far, over 100 couples with significant fertility difficulties have conceived using DuoFertility, many of whom had already been through IVF and other invasive procedures without success. For the many couples who experience unexplained infertility, DuoFertility offers a much needed helping hand to achieve a natural pregnancy.”


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