Dynatrace AI assistant bolsters Doctify’s Cloud Ops

By Catherine Sturman
Health technology platform Doctify seeks to bring together patients with specialised doctors, and has recently announced that Dynatrace’s AI assistant...

Health technology platform Doctify seeks to bring together patients with specialised doctors, and has recently announced that Dynatrace’s AI assistant, “Davis” has become the most loyal and reliable member of its DevOps team.

Adopting Dynatrace’s software intelligence platform two years ago to address the complexity of its rapidly growing enterprise cloud environment, the organisation has been keen to harness technology to enhance the relationship between patients and health specialists.

With containers running in an Amazon Web Services environment, Doctify realised it needed to remove the challenge of surging cloud complexity and improve the efficiency of its DevOps team.

“With Dynatrace not only are we monitoring our entire cloud stack, we’re also using the AI to help us get faster answers despite a complex cloud environment. Dynatrace’s AI assistant “Davis” takes this one step further. With a simple conversation we can find out whether there are any performance issues and if so, what action needs to be taken,” commented Devonte Emokpae, Head of Development, Doctify.

“Every time I speak to Dynatrace Davis I save at least five minutes. It might sound trivial, but over a week that really adds up. Davis is the most loyal and reliable member of my team. Talking to him has become part of my daily routine.”

“Customer experience is the bedrock on which we are built. When you are in healthcare, dealing with patients, you simply can’t afford to have slowdowns or outages. We researched the market and there were a number of good gen 2 offerings such as New Relic,” he continues.

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“In the end the choice was simple. Dynatrace is the next gen of monitoring – built for the cloud, simple to install and use, and most importantly it uses AI to provide answers, rather than more data, to address the complexity challenges we faced.”

As patients lives get busier, convenience and availability have become essential considerations. Online booking tools will give greater control to patients and enable bookings from any device, anytime.

Dynatrace’s AI capabilities, combined with automatic performance baselining, results in high fidelity alerts that provide actionable and accurate root cause analysis for performance issues without the alert noise associated with less sophisticated gen 2 approaches. As a result, Doctify has been able to significantly reduce mean-time-to-resolution for performance problems that matter, and proactively address performance issues before they impact their customers.

Doctify has also benefited from Dynatrace alerting it to issues stemming from problems at third parties. For example, when its DNS hosting provider had a major outage on the east coast of the USA that impacted Doctify’s services, Dynatrace immediately highlighted that there was a DNS problem. As a result, Doctify quickly moved its DNS server to AWS and resolved the problem, all before the original DNS provider had issued a service outage alert.

“Enterprise cloud operations sits at the heart of digital business success. Yet, cloud complexity can feel like an untameable beast, with too few resources to man the ship, especially in a problem situation,” commented Steve Tack, SVP, Product Management at Dynatrace.

“At Dynatrace, we continue to find innovative ways to simplify cloud complexity and assist operations teams to do more with less. Our AI-approach with VoiceOps assistant “Davis” is just one example of how we are going beyond traditional monitoring to drive greater value for our customers.”


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