MEDITECH launches new EHR platform to empower healthcare organisations

By Catherine Sturman
Electronic healthcare record (EHR) provider MEDITECH has recently launched its new platform MEDITECH Expanse, which will see the company extend its reac...

Electronic healthcare record (EHR) provider MEDITECH has recently launched its new platform MEDITECH Expanse, which will see the company extend its reach and connect patient care across the continuum.

Established to improve healthcare processes for over 40 years, MEDITECH drives key healthcare IT solutions across a number of platforms. Facilitating over 300bn data transactions per annum, the company works with medical professionals to increase productivity, and find new ways to support the industry through the use of innovative digital tools.

MEDITECH Expanse navigates healthcare's wide-open, virtual landscape, and analyses every area of a patient’s journey. This is enabled through breaking down previous silos within healthcare IT infrastructures, and provides an open, intuitive workspace which prioritises user satisfaction and productivity. With less time spent on their EHRs, physicians can therefore look forward to having more time and energy to focus on patients.

"Our clinicians deserve an open, dynamic workspace that allows them to connect care the way that works best for them and their patients. We don't believe this is something that should be exclusive, or come at an exorbitant cost. This is the freedom and usability that everyone in healthcare should be accustomed to," commented Howard Messing, MEDITECH President & CEO.

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“In 2017, we signed 92 healthcare organisations with 47 of the healthcare organisations representing new customers to the company," commented Executive Vice President, Helen Waters. "We are the only EHR vendor to offer a full-scale EHR designed specifically for the post-meaningful use era."

MEDITECH has cemented its presence in 22 countries, providing increased efficiencies within the healthcare space. With a $480.9mn combined product and service revenue in 2017, its operating costs have also been reduced – an impressive feat.

This year alone has seen the company partner with Arcadia Healthcare Solutions, where it will drive the organisation’s population health management tools through the increased use of data analytics. However, more importantly, MEDITECH has also been ranked ‘Best in KLAS’ through KLAS’ Software & Services report for the fourth year running, highlighting its significance within the electronic healthcare management industry.


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