Top 10 countries for healthcare, ranked

By Catherine Sturman
The Commonwealth Fund has recently released its top 10 countries...

The Commonwealth Fund has recently released its top 10 countries for healthcare. Surprisingly, the US did not even make the top 10, due to a number of factors. Although the country spends more than most countries on healthcare, there are growing concerns with Donald Trump’s efforts to transform Obamacare, creating increased concerns with families and healthcare experts, with many poorer families unable to access a number of services. The US remains the only high-income country lacking universal health insurance coverage.

Based on over 72 metrics, placed into five categories – Care Process, Access, Administrative Efficiency, Equity and Health Care Outcomes, we take a look at the results.

10. France

Coming in at number 10, France surpasses the US healthcare industry by a fraction, scoring -0.45 on its overall performance, in comparison to the US’ -0.75 score.

9. Canada

With a high infant mortality rate and long wait times, Canadian citizens are not receiving value for money within the healthcare industry. However, with one of the highest scores in preventative care, scoring 0.57, it has seen low mortality rates for patients with chronic-long term conditions.  

8. Germany

Scoring highly in a limited number of categories, Germany enters at number eight, with room for improvement in all categories, except Access to care, with an overall score of 0.58

7. Sweden

Scoring highly on healthcare outcomes, receiving 0.55, the country is closely tied with Norway, who received 0.42. Sweden also scored highly on equity (0.37) and affordability of healthcare (0.69), but there continues to be room for improvement.

6. Switzerland

With an overall performance score of 08, Switzerland ties with Norway, and has performed well with regards to Equity (0.34) and Health Care Outcomes (0.32). However, there is room for improvement in terms of patient engagement, scoring 0.4.

5. Norway

An overall performance score of 0.13 has enabled Norway to become fifth in the study, but the country also needs to work on providing increased patient engagement.

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4. New Zealand

Tying with Norway, with an overall score of 0.13, New Zealand has scored highly on the overall Care Process, encompassing preventative care, safe care, coordinated care and patient engagement.

3. The Netherlands

One of the most affordable countries for healthcare, the Netherlands has grown in popularity and has been ranked highly on timeliness. However, unlike the United Kingdom and Australia, the country’s healthcare model is heavily based on private insurers, with a standard (or basic) package embedded in healthcare plans. However, these are compulsory, ensuring that all individuals have a form of healthcare coverage.

2. Australia

Becoming a top performer in a number of categories, such as Health Care Outcomes, Care Process and patient engagement, Australia has become third in delivering exceptional healthcare, but received a low scoring in equity.

1. United Kingdom

For the third year running, the United Kingdom’s healthcare services have been ranked the best in the world despite ongoing budget cuts, understaffing and the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

Renowned as one of the most affordable countries for healthcare, alongside Sweden and Norway, the study also noted that there continues to be room for improvement, such as with Health Care Outcomes, where the UK has come last. Nonetheless`, it tops the board with regards to prevention, safe care, coordination and patient engagement according to the study, alongside the Care Process domain.


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