Top 10 Healthcare Funding Companies

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Written by Shukti Sarma



#1. HDFC Bank

The HDFC bank is a premier institution, and is a well-known financer for housing and healthcare projects. HDFC has especially been active in developing countries, where loans and other services are not easily available, and where sourcing capital is often a long-drawn and time consuming process. Apart from infrastructure loan, HDFC also arranges for asset and medical equipment finance, balance transfers, ME-OD facilities and working capital finance. The loan tenures range between 12 to 84 months as per project requirements; and also have provisions for comprehensive solutions at a competitive price, which offer the entrepreneur with the opportunity for balance transfers from other financial institutions. HDFC also offers easy solutions for customers, and healthcare customers can           avail OD limits for their working capital requirements against total credit card swipes made per month at HDFC Bank credit card terminals.

#2. Siemens

Siemens provides a broad range of healthcare finance products and services tailored to the customer’s needs. Siemens is active in all sectors - from acute and critical care facilities to diagnostic labs and long term care facilities. The company has financed some of the most well known hospitals across the world.

#3. GE Capital

The GE group offers customized solutions to help healthcare institutions start and grow. They offer equipment, corporate, life science and real estate finance. GE Capital has worked with some high-profile names in the field.

#4. Healthcare Finance Group

The Healthcare Finance Group (HFG) is an asset based lending group to the sector, and specialty lender of senior debt financing solutions dedicated exclusively to middle market companies. They offer secured credit facilities up to $150 million, for companies in all sectors of the industry.

#5. Healthcare Finance Direct

It is one of the most well known patient-financing platforms available, and the company claims that an average portfolio performs at 93.7 percent. For patients, the process is hassle free and for the service provider, they manage all management and collection efforts.

#6. First American Healthcare Finance

The company has received endorsement from the American Hospitals Association; with the latter claiming that First American’s healthcare equipment finance solutions are the most commendable. The company offers competitive pricing, robust asset tracking and straightforward leases, which makes it a popular financer.

#7. MC Healthcare Finance

They are specialized lenders, offering asset-based financing to lower middle market companies. An affiliate of Monroe Capital LLC, MC Healthcare Finance focuses on direct lending and servicing asset-based loans functioning as both a principal lender and as a lending partner to community and regional banks. 

#8. Kingsbridge Healthcare Finance

They deliver superior lease/finance products coupled with flexible services, which ensures customer loyalty. The company offers operating leases and capital leases, portfolio management as well as used equipment sales.

#9. Gemino Healthcare Finance

Gemino Healthcare Finance is a specialty healthcare lender that is focused on providing senior loans to healthcare service providers throughout the United States, with typical financing needs starting at $2,000,000 in the form of revolving lines of credit and term loans.

#10. Housing & Healthcare Finance LLC

It acts in the assisted living sector - a sector that does not see many financers due to complex legal and financial regulations. The company is a lender with the ability and experience to underwrite FHA-insured mortgage loans for a range of properties, including skilled nursing, assisted living, board and care homes and acute care hospitals.


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