Top 10 healthcare systems in the world

By Eric Harding
The affordability of medical care is a sensitive topic for U.S. residents, as a re...

The affordability of medical care is a sensitive topic for U.S. residents, as a recent Gallup poll revealed about 13 percent of American adults didn’t have health insurance as of the fourth quarter of 2014.

However, other developed countries around the world have much more cost-effective systems in place.

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Below is the list of the top 10 healthcare systems in the world, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

10. Japan

The healthcare system in Japan varies slightly from most other countries, as health insurance is mandatory for everyone — either through their employer or from a national program. However, screening, exams, hospital treatment, prenatal care and infectious disease control is free for everyone within the program.

9. Austria

Basic healthcare in Austria is free for everyone, even for foreign tourists who are just visiting. Each resident’s contribution to the healthcare system is based on individual income, and people have the option of purchasing additional private insurance to improve their basic package.

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8. Oman

With a healthcare system based on a district approach, allowing both residents and those who work in the country’s public sector have access to good, affordable healthcare. Because of this, disease in Oman is much lower than other countries in the Middle East, especially ailments such as measles and typhoid.

7. The Netherlands

Considered to be among the best healthcare systems in the European Union, patients in the Netherlands have a lot of freedom in choosing its healthcare provider.

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6. United Kingdom

One of the most lucrative healthcare systems in the world, the British NHS provides excellent access to healthcare at a low cost. Aside from being one of the top nations in using information technology, the UK is also among the leaders in treatment and management of chronic ailments.

5. Singapore

With a healthcare system run by its government, which controls the costs and makes sure all residents have access, Singapore has both private sector insurance as well as funding possibilities that can be used to maximize their coverage.

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4. Malta

With general taxes to ensure quality and affordable healthcare in this Mediterranean island, residents also provide weekly insurance contributions for healthcare access.

3. Andorra

A small principality located between Spain and France, Andorra’s healthcare funds are run and operated by the government. Employers have the ability to choose the package their employees will be enrolled in, as 92 percent of residents are included in the principality’s healthcare program.

2. San Marino

A microstate located within Italy, San Marino’s compulsory healthcare system for all residents is funded by the state. Like some others on the list, individual shave the option of maximizing their coverage by purchasing supplemental private insurances.

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With everything that has transpired there recently, this is very ironic and fortuitous. According to WHO, France has the best healthcare system in the world. The country has private and public funding working together to give almost all of the nation’s residents universal healthcare.

Although health insurance is provided by the workplace in most instances, individuals can get even more coverage through a supplemental private insurance of their choice. The French government is responsible for paying the majority of medical bills, while private insurances usually cover the remainder.

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