The new digital rehab platform from Evolution Devices

Californian company Evolution Devices is launching a new pilot programme to rehabilitate people who have been partially paralysed due to a neurological condition. 

The EvoWalk Platform pilot focuses on rehabilitating an impairment called 'foot drop', when a person is unable to lift their foot due to muscle weakness or nerve damage, and which frequently causes falls. It often occurs after a stroke or as a result of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). 

The programme combines remote physical therapy with the EvoWalk device, which is worn just under the knee and provides Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) therapy to help patients pick up their foot and walk more smoothly. By applying electrical stimulation to the lower leg, EvoWalk acts as an artificial nerve that bypasses the non-functioning nerve responsible for lifting the foot and toes. 

Patients meet with physical therapists virtually via EvoWalk's platform, which is HIPAA-compliant. The therapist trains the patient on the EvoWalk and develops a customised therapy programme which evolves as their rehab progresses. 

Built-in sensors feed real-time motion data to AI algorithms. This provides actionable metrics to the therapist, helping them to monitor daily progress and update the rehab programme. 

“We are revolutionising walking rehab by taking a holistic approach which combines virtual physical therapy with an AI-powered stimulation device to personalise care" Pierluigi Mantovani, co-founder and CEO of Evolution Devices said. 

"For the millions of people who are living with mobility impairments, this combination is not currently available with any other fall-prevention or rehab therapy" he added. 


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