Kaiser Permanente extends its partnership with Target

By Catherine Sturman
Situated in southern California, leading healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente (KP) is set to open over 30 new KP staffed retail clinics in order to sup...

Situated in southern California, leading healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente (KP) is set to open over 30 new KP staffed retail clinics in order to support the growing demand for patient-centered healthcare in the region.

With a growing strain on local health services, KP will provide exceptional care to its members and Target customers. Named “Target Clinic,” care will be provided by KP, and builds on a former partnership between the two parties.

Merging Target’s ongoing focus on exceptional customer care with KP’s integrated services will provide a number of advantages. The new clinics will be staffed by licensed medical staff, and also provide telemedicine consultations.

"From annual flu shots to care for a child's sore throat, guests in our four pilot stores have told us they appreciate having access to high-quality health care services from Kaiser Permanente during their Target run,” explained Ed Ellison, Executive Medical Director and Chairman of the Board, Southern California Permanente Medical Group.

The clinics will therefore provide a range of services, from paediatric and women’s health care, to the ongoing management of chronic conditions, such as diabetes, as well as common illnesses.

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Established back in 1945, KP works to ensure healthcare is not only affordable for its citizens, but is highly accessible and supported by new innovative technologies. It will also see the two brands extend its existing collaboration, which was established back in 2014.

“Expanding the number of Target Clinic locations makes these offerings available to even more Southern California guests, and gives Kaiser Permanente members additional reasons to choose Target's easy, convenient and inspiring shopping experience," said Steve Lafferty, Senior Director, Wellness at Target.  

"This is the evolution of a successful relationship that is focused on quality and convenience," said Julie Miller-Phipps, president of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals, Inc., for the Southern California Region.

"We are proud to expand our existing efforts to bring affordable, quality health care to even more Target guests throughout Southern California.”

At present, two brands have flourished through the partnership, with four KP-staffed target clinics situated within San Diego, West Fullerton, Vista and Fontana. Four others will now launch in Orange County, Riverside and another within San Diego by the end of the year, with further clinics in the next three years.


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