Top 10 Best Hospitals in the US

By Catherine Sturman
With an ever-increased focus on the US health system, it is imperative to remind ourselves that whilst there is uncertainty, medical professionals conti...

With an ever-increased focus on the US health system, it is imperative to remind ourselves that whilst there is uncertainty, medical professionals continue to provide lifesaving care and medical support to local communities. Delivering exceptional, high-quality care, and utilising technologies which have created increased opportunities, we take a look at the top 10 US hospitals  out of over 4,000 which have been placed on the Honour Roll.

All hospitals on the Honour Roll have received points within 16 specialties across the board.

10. Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania-Penn Presbyterian, Philadelphia

Becoming one of the first medical institutions to acquire a coronary care unit within the US, The Penn Presbyterian Medical Center incorporates world-class technologies within its operations, such as robotic-assisted surgery throughout its procedures.

Receiving 244 points, the hospital is ranked nationally in over 10 adult specialities in areas such as pulmonary and ophthalmology, and performed over 13,000 inpatient surgeries in 2017 alone.

Additionally, renowned as an exceptional educational facility, the hospital continues to educate medical professionals to deliver the best quality care to its patients, and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

9. Stanford Health Care-Stanford Hospital, California

Edging ahead at 251 points is Stanford Health Care in California continues to provide exceptional education and training for medical students. To this effect, the hospital has become one of 34 testing sites for its neuro-spinal scaffold research, which will provide ongoing patients with spinal cord trauma.

8. New York-Presbyterian Hospital

Renowned as one of the country’s leading stroke specialists, New York-Presbyterian Hospital received 267 points, and works to deliver one of the most integrated, patient centric services within New York.

With four main divisions, the hospital has successfully partnered with Weill Cornell Medicine and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in order to further its position as a leader within clinical research and development and the education of medical professionals.

7. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, LA

With specialities located on each floor of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is housed on four acres and has embedded world-class integrated systems and technologies throughout its operations. Scoring 292 points, the hospital adopts private rooms for all patients, and is national leader within organ transplantation.

Recently, the hospital has partnered with AccentCare to improve patient outcomes and experiences within its post-acute care services

6. University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers

With an extensive history, the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers house a number of academic, research and development facilities, in a  bid to ensure exceptional patient care.

Scoring 294 points, it is also home to the national’s largest biomedical research community and has been ranked in 15 adult and 10 paediatric specialities within the Honour Roll.

5. UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco

Responsible for a number of biomedical research trials and its focus on providing medical educational facilities for dentistry, medicine, nursing and pharmacy. UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco has received 303 points.

A leader in cancer and women’s health, the hospital has recently achieved the award for #1 Hospital in California.

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4. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston

Situated in Boston, the Massachusetts General Hospital scored 358 points and has been ranked nationally in 16 adult specialties, and three paediatric specialities.

The hospital has also recently been responsible for developing an antibiotic-releasing polymer which may simplify the treatment of prosthetic joint infection, according to a recent press release.

3. John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

Ranked in 15 adult and 10 paediatric specialities, John Hopkins Hospital has grabbed the third spot. Similarly to the Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania-Penn Presbyterian, Philadelphia, it is accredited by CARF, and has become a key healthcare leader in the US.

Responsible for six academic and community hospitals, John Hopkins provides exceptional research and development facilities, and educational programs for students in order to improve patient health.

2. Cleveland Clinic

Becoming the second largest employer in Ohio, teaching Hospital Cleveland Clinic has become the second-best hospital in the US, ranked in 14 adult specialties and nine paediatric specialties.

Scoring 365 points, the Clinic’s focus on its research capabilities have seen it recently identify two biomarkers in patients who have suffered long-term brain damage, according to a recent blog, and are collaborating with Boston Children’s Hospital to offer adult and paediatric heart services to employers.

Additionally, Cleveland Clinic have also launched a new Center for Men's Health to provide speciality services.

1. Mayo Clinic, Minnesota

Retaining its position as the most renowned medical facility in America, the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota scored 415 points, and has been ranked in 15 adult and nine paediatric specialties. The Clinic contributes $28 billion to the US economy and is responsible for 167,000 jobs, according to News Wise.

Its research has led to a number of breakthroughs:

  • Discovering a human gut microbe which could help advance research into multiple sclerosis
  • Partnered with AliveCor in order to develop screening tools for Long QT.
  • Partnered with AI company Qrativ to support the development of new drugs

The Clinic is also at the forefront of the digital healthcare revolution, and has recently implemented EPIC software into its operations.


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