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This week in Healthcare Digital, we looked at the impact the 4-day work week could have in healthcare & the Top 10 healthcare cybersecurity companies

Top 10 healthcare cybersecurity companies

The healthcare sector is one of most targeted industry's in the world. In 2020, there were 655 cybersecurity incidents which impacted healthcare businesses across the world - but the sector is fighting back. Here are our Top 10 cybersecurity companies supporting the healthcare sector. 


Research on medical devices & building patient confidence

Bold Insight is a user experience (UX) and human factors (HF) research agency specialising in medical devices. The company conducts research on behalf of medtech manufacturers and provides them with data-driven insights that helps improve their products.

Korey Johnson is the Managing Partner at Bold Insight. He has 15 years of experience in UX and HF research and is passionate about making medical devices safer and more effective.

“Our research spans the entire product lifecycle, from early exploratory research to uncover use-related needs through human factors validation testing,” explains Korey Johnson, Managing Partner at Bold Insight. “Our goal is simple: help manufacturers design products that are useful, usable, and safe – and provide people with products they both want and need in the real world.” Here, he tells us more. 


The 4-day work week could help hospitals & healthcare staff

Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers across the world were under a lot of strain - working odd hours in what can be a highly stressful job has led to many healthcare professionals leaving their roles. This in turn has created job vacancies, which until they can be filled by a new employee, mean the remaining staff have to take on even more work. 

In the UK, the NHS lost 10,000 staff in one year: 203 doctors, 2,800 nurses and more than 4,100 support staff.

The four-day work week could be the answer to decrease staff burnout and increase staff retention. 


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