A Twilight-style video is being used to advertise dentists

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Written By:Abbie Smith The video is primarily aimed at young men and is designed to encourage them to have their teeth checked regularly. It was launch...

Written By: Abbie Smith

The video is primarily aimed at young men and is designed to encourage them to have their teeth checked regularly.

It was launched by dentists in Northamptonshire and Hampshire, after research found that a high proportion of 16-35 year olds living in those areas were neglecting to take care of their oral hygiene.

Inspired by the success of the Twilight saga, the racy new advert is titled ‘Want a Dentist after dark?’, and shows a rather passionate scene in which a male vampire tries to seduce a young woman in her underwear.

The couple can be seen writhing on a bed together, before the woman pushes the vampire away disgusted by his foul breath.

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Dentists are hoping that by showing young men what effect poor oral hygiene can have on their love lives they will start to go to the dentist on regular occasions.

Findings showed that men were more likely to brush their teeth regularly when they were nagged to do so by either their girlfriend or their mothers.

Research also found that men were motivated to brush their teeth if they were worried about not having fresh breath or an attractive smile after they were regularly being tagged in photos on social networking sites like Facebook.

Simon Bryant, acting associate director of public health for NHS Portsmouth, said: “Men are traditionally less likely to go to the dentist mainly because they don't think of the long-term health consequences.”

“We know this group of men respond well to things that are related to being with a partner, so that's why the clip is about a couple.”

“It's an innovative way to try and increase the number of men going to the dentist.”

The Twilight-style clip is a stark contrast from the conservative adverts previously used by the NHS on the matter.

“Traditional methods to engage young men haven't worked. We have looked at what appeals to our target group,” said Lee Loveless from NHS Portsmouth.

He added: “Young men in particular will only go to the dentist when they are in trouble and have pain.”

"We want them to focus on regular treatment and go down the preventative route.”


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