Why Every Health Care Professional Needs businessfriend on Their Phone

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Medicine is not a part-time interest, its a full-time job. Just ask any health care professional. Between meetings, surgeries, and patient consultations...

Medicine is not a part-time interest, it’s a full-time job. Just ask any health care professional. Between meetings, surgeries, and patient consultations, the day doesn’t end for providers once they leave the office.

Modern life makes us feel as though we can be everywhere and do everything, and beyond that, that we need to do both. Being busy is a status symbol – the more we do, the more important we are.

But being “crazy busy” has a price. Doing too much, too fast can be exhausting, misguided and potentially dangerous (take replying to an email while driving, for instance). In our overloaded world, time and attention can be depleted before the day’s work has even begun.

Most would say that in order to take control of our lives from the hectic pace we need to cut back. But any successful health care professional will tell you that doing so will only bring more headaches.

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What we need is a one-stop solution that offers the perfect blend of business utility and social identity.

Enter businessfriend.

In a world where we can choose from over two million apps from both Android and Apple combined, one must choose wisely. We don’t need more; we just need one platform that works.

“On any given day, the typical young professional can have as many as five platforms open to get them through their day,” said Glen White, founder and CEO of businessfriend. “[businessfriend] offers one complete forum that enables constant connectivity for optimal business communications. One mobile app, one desktop, any device – no more juggling apps.”

Instead of having to use several different applications to accomplish one goal, businessfriend offers a simple and attractive interface to connect and share professionally and socially in a new way.

There are four primary features offered by businessfriend that redefine how you interact with your professional and social network.


The DigiDex feature is a professionally social network that allows you to manage, communicate and share with your friends, colleagues, co-workers, peers and ex-colleagues.

Instant Communication

The Instant app on businessfriend gives you real time communication from instant messaging to voice and video calling.

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Social Feed

Your social feed allows you to get the latest content of your choice and track immediate updates and interests within your network whilst discovering and sharing your favorite posts.

Cloud Storage

This digital workspace, allowing for two free gigs of cloud storage, allows you to organize, store and share your important documents, manage your pictures and videos while also write, store and share notes.

“We like to say businessfriend is the channel for professionals that are suffering from S.C.S. (scattered communications syndrome),” said Freddie Pierce, VP of Product and co-creator of the app. “We’re providing one place to consolidate all of your current communications, mediums and channels into one easy-to-use application. You’ll never have to say ‘I didn’t get that email’ or ‘Where did that document go?’ again.’”

To sign up for businessfriend, visit www.businessfriend.com

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