TOP 10: Health Care Youtube Channels You Need to Watch

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While you might not recall the moment, Google acquired the hugely successful YouTube nearly eight years ago for $1.65 billion. The price is pocket ch...

While you might not recall the moment, Google acquired the hugely successful YouTube nearly eight years ago for $1.65 billion. The price is pocket change however compared to YouTube’s estimated annual revenue for 2015 is just under $9 billion, according to a Jefferies Group analyst.   

Since that time, billions of individuals have jumped on board to share their videos with the world. Of those are major health care companies and associations that are using the site to showcase their latest developments, innovations and advice for those in the industry.

Here are the top 10 YouTube channels on health care you should be watching.

10. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is recognized as one of the leading health care providers and their YouTube channel tells you why. With a section devoted just for showcasing their employees, Kaiser’s channel is one to be watched to gain insight into leading a successful health care powerhouse.

9. GE Healthcare

GE’s YouTube channel showcases their most recent innovations and even has some fun by partaking in social challenges such as the recent Ice Bucket Challenge.

8. Philips Healthcare

Focusing on the continuum of care, Philips Healthcare uses its YouTube channel to share breaking news from their operations division and latest technologies that they are using. From hospital health to telemedicine, information from the healthcare sector can be found on Philips’ channel.

7. American Heart Association

If there is anything you want to know about heart care, this is the channel to watch. The American Heart Association does the best job in covering all topics related to the heart and even has a special behind-the-scenes CPR video featuring Ken Jeong.  

6. Novartis

Novartis’ mission is “to care and cure” and their YouTube channel reflects exactly that. With videos showcasing their malaria treatments, discussions from experts in the industry, and success stories from individuals, this channel is one to watch to stay up-to-date on the latest key advances in health care.

5. American Cancer Society

Cancer is one of the most pressing diseases as it currently still has no cure and affects over 1 million individuals in the United States alone each year. The ACA’s channel provides information on what cancer really is (there are over 100 different strains of cancer), cancer prevention and how to join the fight against it.

4. Elekta

This is the go-to channel for neurosurgeons, oncologists and any other medical professional who uses large medical equipment in their day-to-day operations. Elekta is known for producing top-end technology to pioneer clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders and their channel displays every last bit of it.

3. Siemens

As a global provider of health care, Siemens’ YouTube channel is just as worldly. Videos reporting on their operations in China, Brazil, Russia and beyond give insight into the health care giant and what it takes to remain at the top for 166 years and counting.

2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The CDC works around the clock to protect the United States from health, safety and security threats, and their YouTube channel does the same by informing watchers on HIV/AIDS, STD’s, and smoking and tobacco use. The CDC also uploads videos in Spanish to inform a broader audience.

 1. American Medical Association

The AMA takes a different approach to their channel by sharing inspiring talks from top medical professionals. From personal medical stories to innovations in medicine, AMA’s channel takes our number one spot as it showcases not only the technical world of the health care industry but also the inspirational side that reaffirms doctors’ beliefs on why they entered the industry in the first place.


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