Top 10 virtual healthcare education programmes

By Leila Hawkins
We round up 10 innovative virtual healthcare training programmes...

As healthcare services shifted online as a result of the pandemic, so have training initiatives to meet educational need and ensure workforce demands are met. Here we round up 10 innovative virtual healthcare training programmes. 


10: Oxford Medical Simulation...

This virtual reality platform enables learners to engage with interactive, unwell patients - learning to manage the patient as they would in real life. This includes diagnosing and providing treatment, and students receive personalised feedback and performance metrics.  


09: Proprio...

Proprio has created a robotic surgical navigation system that uses mixed reality, AI and immersive technologies to train what they have termed "super surgeons." The technology aims to improve surgeons' instrumental accuracy and surgical navigation by creating a 3D canvas of a patient's brain and spine. 


08: Virti...

Virti is a training platform that uses AI, virtual reality and augmented reality to train healthcare staff, with scalable training solutions that doctors can access via mobile devices, desktops, tablets and VR/AR headsets. Virti is currently used by Cedars-Sinai and the NHS. 


07: ExplOrer Surgical...

The ExplOrer Surgical platform uses augmented reality technology to provide remote training to people anywhere in the world. Medical reps and surgical teams can interact via the platform, which enables zooming in and out on objects and procedural areas, screen sharing and telestration. 


06: Penn Foster...

Online school Penn Foster has been running a free programme to train people to perform COVID-19 tests, to help meet demand at a time when healthcare professionals are under immense strain. The course covers how to safely use and remove personal protective equipment, the correct medical procedures for nasal and throat swabs and guidelines for storing specimens for shipment. 


05: Connect Health...

UK-based Connect Health recently launched its in-house learning centre for staff to receive clinical training in the provider's specialist areas including musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders, pain and psychology, orthopaedics, and occupational health. Connect Health is the largest MSK provider in the UK, serving over 375k NHS patients across 50 NHS Trusts. 


04: Future Perfect Healthcare...

Future Perfect Healthcare have partnered with e-health consultancy Rosaldo to launch the openEHR Learning Management System, an interactive course for healthcare professionals in the UK on the standards required to manage electronic patient records, key to the digital transformation the NHS is currently undergoing. 


03: Anatomy Next...

Anatomy Next has a subscription-based model aimed at medical, dental, nursing and physiotherapy students. For a small monthly fee, users get access to accurate digital 3D human anatomy models, as well as relevant accompanying articles, and the ability to test themselves on the platform. 


02: Medics.Academy...

Medics.Academy and London's Guy's and St Thomas' hospitals have partnered to launch Nucleus, an online programme delivering genomics training to healthcare staff. The interactive platform will help professionals interpret the results of genomic tests, as well as cover psychosocial skills required to counsel patients for specific tests.


01: FundamentalVR...

Haptic technology has transformed the use of virtual reality in healthcare, giving users the chance to feel sensations as they would in real life. FundamentalVR have produced software that recreates the operating room for surgical students to get hands-on practice, with a classroom space that's equipped with a virtual whiteboard. 



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