TOP 10: Most Popular EHR Software Solutions

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Have you started the process of

Have you started the process of choosing and installing an EHR

Electronic health records (EHR), sometimes called electronic medical records (EMR), help doctors and medical practitioners keep track of health-related information for their patients. They also give staff access to these records through a centralized electronic system.

Capterra recently compiled the most popular EHR software solutions. The top 10 were as follows:

10. OptumInsight

9. Practice Fusion

8. Care 360

7. Epic

6. GE Healthcare

5. Athena Health

4. Allscripts

3. Cerner

2. McKesson

1. eClinicalWorks

The following infographic also lists the top software solutions on social media as well as the most requested features in an EHR. 

This list is a good starting point if your medical practice is at the beginning stages of selecting an EHR. Call the first venodor on the list and work your way down. Also do a Google search to see what other medical practices are saying about these EHRs.

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